Halito! Boozhoo! Taŋyáŋ yahípi!   Greetings!

Welcome to Wild Blackhorse Press — Where Indigenous Writing Thrives

Welcome to a new kind of publishing house, one in which words are cherished and those who create them are respected.


About Wild Blackhorse Press

WBP is a group of Indigenous writers, artists, editors, and teachers that has formed to provide what remains rare in modern publishing — an outlet that presents the real voices of Indigenous writers of all ages, everywhere.

Our purpose is to foster the unique voices of Indigenous writers as they build the words and stories of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We invite you to join our efforts — so our voices can combine to sing their truest songs.


WBP's Daring New Anthology

You won't find Wild Blackhorse Press' latest project in traditional publishing houses, and that's exactly why we're so excited about it. And soon you will be, too!

Let's talk about Indigenous erotica. For far too long, what has passed as Indigenous erotica has been aberrant and racist in its depiction, has reinforced cultural stereotypes, and has kept readers ignorant of the realities of Indigenous intimacy. It’s time for a culturally honest representation of prose and poetry that celebrates the art, wit, and cultural truth of Indigenous sensuality, passion, and true seduction...

Want to learn more? Read our Call for Papers.